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Mutant HD1500 Review


Mutant HD1500 Review



The Mutant HD1500 is a very cheap compact enigma box which comes as standard with a DVB-S2 Twin Tuner. Having tested this alongside the VU+ Solo2, Zgemma H.2S, Xarius Fusion HD SE & Venton Unibox HDE, I have found it to be a massive competitor in the enigma 2 market. mutant-digital-technology-hd-1500-e2-twin-tuner-linux-sat-750-mhz-dual-core

The best addition to this device over any other device that I have tested, is that its H265 compatible, differences between H264 and H265 are below.


I use Dreamplex quite alot and most of the content I stream is H.265 and the previous receivers that i’ve tried to stream have failed. This receiver has managed to stream H.265 content flawlessly.

However……… for every plus point there always has to be a negative point, What is it????


The remote control layout is brilliant, buttons are in an easy to find location unlike most other enigma remotes, which I still have to look at to find things. However…..the remote control feels cheap! Personally, I doint think it would last long if well used.

If only a manufacturer would spend a little more time designing a quality remote control. We have a quality box, why not remote???

Most enigma 2 devices operate very similar dependent on the platform its running. All the devices that I test, I test using Openatv, as I find this to be the most responsive and user friendly platform to use. 

I feel that IPTV plays a massive part of any enigma 2 device, but more so on the Mutant as the response was tremendous, far quicker and far more reliable than the other devices tried and tested.



Below is a little table i’ve put together which answers the most common questions that i’ve been asked.


Hope this small review helps you decide which device is best for you?

Please feel free to follow me and ask questions on twitter @GETRPI

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