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My Top Kodi Add-ons and why

The following is a list of add-ons that in my opinion every Kodi user should have.

Add-on Installer

Screenshot (198)

In my opinion without a doubt the Add-on Installer is a must have for all Kodi users. Nowadays the majority of builds available will have this essential add-on already installed if not they should have. It’s simplicity to use is what makes it as good as it is, as is the amount of content so easily accessible.

In order to get the Add-on installer you must first add the Fusion repository. For instructions how to -CLICK HERE- then once you have installed the Fusion Repository follow these instructions.

  1. Click on system.
  2. Add-ons.
  3. Install from zip.
  4. FUSION.
  5. Start here.
  6. Plugin.program.addoninstaller-1.0.5.zip
  7. Wait to see Add-on enabled and your ready to go.

I have decided not to place the following in any particular order, because to be honest I couldn’t really recommend certain ones over others.



Screenshot (234)

I do however have to start with the Phoenix add-on simply because it’s more than one add-on, it’s a collection of real quality add-ons which include Rockcrusher with it’s amazing content of only top quality movie and tv show links, if your after quality streams and don’t mind waiting a little longer to see a movie well this is the place to watch. And theres Staael2014 which is similar with it’s quality movie and tv show links to only the best of streams and which now has included a live sports section. And not forgetting Woody. It’s great to see woody is back and it looks as though he has merged with or taken over PhoenixTv and now there is Finetv with a huge selection of channels.

Also included in the Phoenix add-on are Her Place, Crusader88, One242415 and TNPB(Pirate bay), all of which have various types of content from music concerts, how to videos for Kodi and of course movie and tv show links.

The Phoenix add-on is available in the add-on installer.

@Rockcrusher – @Staael2014 – @Woody_is_back


Screenshot (242)

Some people may be surprised to see Genesis on this list with all the chatter lately about it’s possible demise. The add-on still has plenty of excellent content. Genesis is the first go to add-on for a lot of people looking for the latest movie releases, and also the latest tv show series. The amount of content is amazing and I sure hope it continues for a long time. To get the best from Genesis you will need to have Real-Debris. There is a huge amount of information on-line regarding real-debris and similar services to run with your Kodi to improve the service for all. As I understand it, users of the service will get access to better quality and faster streams, this will hopefully reduce buffering for all because not eveyone will be trying to access the same streams at the same time.

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The Genesis add-on is available in the add-on installer.

UK Turks Playlists

Screenshot (240)

Without a doubt a massive favorite across the board in the Kodi community. I’m sure if you asked any regular Kodi user for their top 5 add-ons this would be in almost everybody’s. The amount of content is unbelievable, I honestly find it hard to believe just one guy runs this add-on! There are just too many sections to name them all so I will show you a screenshot to give you an idea of just how much content there actually is.

Screenshot (251)

All the sections are updated very frequently, there is a great section for documentaries and the stand up comedy section is a fantastic new addition. And there are the classic sections for movies, tv shows and cartoons for the kids. I could go on as you can see from the list above. If you don’t have this add-on I highly recommend you get it and get it now.

The UK Turks Playlist is available in the add-on installer.


Operation Robocop Ultimate

Screenshot (235)

This one is definitely for the football fans! Run by a massive football supporter to provide fellow supporters with top quality links for every premier league match and also the Scottish premier league (SPL). As well as football Operation Robocop covers all the PPV, including the boxing and of course lately the UFC!

To install Operation Robocop Ultimate on your device you will need to add his repository. The Url for this is http://repo.shit.football

For details how to install this add-on -CLICK HERE-


1Channel(Prime Wire)

Screenshot (237)

Around a long time Prime Wire has been providing massive amounts of quality content with top quality streams. This would really be my go to for tv shows as there are always links to quality streams available and I hardly ever experience issues with buffering. A little tip about buffering while I mention it is if a stream does start to buffer on you at the beginning leave it and search a different link, I find if the stream buffers at the start it will buffer throughout. 1 Channel pulls its links from a huge amount of sources so you will always find a link to a quality stream. I also found that if you don’t find a sufficient stream when you click on the tv show or movie you want to watch, click on it again and you will find it will find more links to streams from different sources.

1 Channel is available in the add-on installer

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Entertainment Hub

Screenshot (244)

As it states itself, this is a super all in one add-on. It’s movie section has links to some of the best streaming sites available on the internet. With it’s box office and featured section you can keep a watchful eye out for some of the latest movies. The tv show section is similar in that it has a huge amount of links for you to search for streams of your favorite shows in. The calendar search is a great idea if your up to date with the latest shows and want to know whats on when. Also included are a section for sports, kiddies, and documentaries.

With Entertainment Hub it’s not just the add-on, it’s their repository which has recently been updated and added to. There are so so many top add-ons in here I would advice everyone to ensure they add this repository to their Kodi. Some of the other add-ons included in their repository are the well known Prime Links, Release Hub and Movies XL. There are also some relatively new add-ons they include RLseries and Streamthis.tv that have been getting top reviews all around. A lot of the add-ons in the entertainment repository make use of real-debris in order to provide a better service for all Kodi users. There are too many add-ons in the repository to name them all so here is a screenshot:

Screenshot (259)

Screenshot (260)

To install the entertainment repository you can use the Fusion file, just follow these steps:

  1. Click system.
  2. Add-ons.
  3. Install from zip.
  5. XBMC-Repo.
  6. English
  7. Repository.entertainmentrepobackup-1.1.2.zip
  8. Wait for Add-on enabled icon and go to install from repository to install the add-ons you want.


SALTS-Stream all the sources

Screenshot (239)

I really can’t imagine there are any Kodi users out there that don’t have this add-on on their system. As the name suggests it literally streams from all the sources, scraping links to streams from almost every streaming site there is. I personally use this and 1 channel for watching my tv shows. The search option in both the movie and tv show sections are very good and I like the way it saves your recent searches. Also because this site scrapes from so many sources it can take a while. When your looking for a certain show or movie you will get a different list of links almost every time. What you can do however is go into the settings and guide the add-on to which sites you want to scrape the links for your stream from. You do this by pressing the menu button/right click on the add-on before you open it and go onto add-on settings and follow the instrucions. After using the add-on for some time you get to know what streaming sites your getting the best links from so you can build up a list and set the add-on to only scrape from those.

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SALTS is available in the add-on installer

Movie Hut

Screenshot (241)

The reason I have included Movie Hut is because I find it very neat and easy to use as well as easy to navigate because there are only a few sections on it’s home screen, but all these sections are all your going to need! From it’s featured section to recently added and recently updated to it’s search option. Unlike some of the other add-ons that scrape links from steaming sites this add-on gives you a list of of the actual streaming sites to choose from. I found that after some time using this add-on you build up a list of what sites give you the better quality streams and you tend to look for them first.

Movie Hut is available in the add-on installer



Screenshot (262)

Last and by no means least I have to include the newly improved Ccloud. With it’s huge number of available channels, over 1500 actually, there’s a chance you might find something to watch! With the latest improvements to this add-on they have split channels into their respective categories including all the usual including sports, documentaries, entertainment and so on. This of course makes it a lot easier to find the channel your looking for, the quality isn’t always 100% but you will almost always find the channel your looking for, and that’s why I had to include this add-on to the list.

cCloud is available in the add-on installer


In my opinion you can get everything your going to need on Kodi with just the above add-ons but of course like most people I have well over 30 add-ons in my own build, as they say variety is the whatever? But in all seriousness you won’t miss out on anything if you only had these add-ons I have recomended.

And always remember the amazing work the developers of these add-ons and others do for our enjoyment. And please don’t whine and moan on social media because your movie buffered or your link to the football went down. Remember just how much your paying for the amazing service your getting! Rather than moan about the few hiccups, thank the developers for their amazing work and hope that they continue to add content to their add-ons for us to keep on enjoying Kodi for a long time into the future.

Thanks for reading and have a happy Christmas.



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  1. I have a box with a build on it is a m8s iif it crashes the custom skin gets wiped of but the addons are still there in video addons would that be a fault in the box or would that be to do with the build ?

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