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PLEASE SEE https://kodicommunity.com/how-to-install-bulldog-streams/

May be better not sure below is still working.

Operation Robocop has a new repository address and a new name please click HERE to install latest repo

You will need to delete the old version first before installing this one.

To install follow the guide below:

Step 1. Highlight System then select File Manager.

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_55_13

Step 2.  Select Add Source.

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_55_20

Step 3.  Select None and enter http://repo.shit.football

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_55_48

Then add Source name i.e Robo and select Ok.

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_56_11

Step 4. Return to Home Screen and select System.


Step 5. Select Add-ons.


Step 6. Select Install from zip.


Step 7. Select Robo (or whatever you named it)

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_57_23

Step 8. Select repository.OperationRobocop.zip.

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_57_31

Then wait for Add-on enabled notification.

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_57_39

Step 9. Select Get Add-ons.

Kodi 10_11_2015 00_15_27

Step 10.  Select Operation Robocop Ultimate Repository.

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_57_58

Step 11.  Select Video Add-ons.

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_58_03

Step 12. Select Operation Robocop Ultimate.

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_58_22

Step 13. Select Install.

Kodi 09_11_2015 23_58_37

Then wait for Add-on enabled notification.

Step 14. Return to Home Screen and select Video Add-ons then select Operation Robocop Ultimate and enjoy a great add-on.



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  1. hi operation robocop ultimate, the football on premiere league pass last nite just buffers every 10 seconds i am on 30 mb plus the latest version repo and i deleted cache and all the other stuff but no joy please advise thank you

  2. It didn’t work for me either. Same problem.

    I went to:

    System > Settings > Add-Ons > Search (and searched for Robo)

    That should take you here: http://i.imgur.com/QszR8QV.png?1

    Then opened ‘Media sources – Operation Robocop Ultimate’ and hit install. Seems to be working fine.

    1. Ugh.. Tried what you said but I don’t get the same as in your pic.. The media source isn’t there.. Only the repository.. I’m going round and round and can’t get it to work.

      It says add on enabled but in the video addons list robocop is not there..

      I’m running isengard kodi on MX pro box.

      Robo cop version 1.5 and I have the repo file on a usb stick too but that didn’t seem to help.

      I’ve followed Michaels guide perfectly over and over.

      Gutted and confused. My friend bought same box from same seller and his installed robocop perfectly??

      Any Kodi guru out there to help enlighten me?


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