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Hello all, this is going to be another quick blog post on using a VPN on OpenELEC. In the last few days I’ve seen a surge in people asking here about why the need for VPN and how to go about getting one. So I might as well go ahead and give this brief description.

Why a VPN?

In brief If you are restricted by your ISP from certain sites, then you should go for a VPN but to learn the overall benefits of using a VPN , have a look at the following top 10 reasonsCLICK HERE   

Hopefully that will give you more insight into why you might use a VPN.

Where Do I Get A VPN From?

I’m using the following service as an example because it has received great reviews, good pricing and is well implicated in OpenELEC,Windows,Android,IOS,MAC OS and more.

In this case I’ll be detailing how to use on OpenELEC via the PiA addon.

You can choose whatever service you like, if you have any in mind. Just make sure it works well for you.

Here is my recommendation


How Do I Use My New Private Internet Access Account On OpenELEC?

Please click on this link for PIA click HERE



Also those of you with VyprVPN you can also use Metal’s PiA add on for OpenELEC, to connect your account. As follows:

Please click on the link for VyprVPN click HERE



I’d like to thank MetalKettle✌️ For creating the PiA Add On for OpenELEC.

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Well that’s all, I hope this helps some of you out.Thank you

We offer a great selection of VPN & DNS to protect your kodi streaming devices. please click on this link for ideas and discounts we pass on to you.

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  1. Hi,
    I followed the instructions and I keep getting an error after entering my generated username and password. Any ideas?

  2. Openelec 5.0.8 was the last version I was able to use PIA on. I have also read on the Openelec forum that they no longer support VPN! I don’t understand this logic. I have not tried using it with Kodi (windows or Android)

  3. Like others here, I am running Openelec 5.0.2 on a RPi2 and don’t appear to have the PIA running successfully. It says I am connected to the destination (i.e., Germany, Brazil etc.) but My IP status still shows my native IP address. I am using the PPTP/socks generated username and password.

    I also see a note in VPN settings that says ‘Try experimental bin’. I receive an error if this is not selected. But what is it for? None of the instructions identify this as a step.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Much appreciate any feedback.

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