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Purple Haze Kodi Build Now Available To Download

Purple Haze Kodi Build Now Available To Download

Purple Haze Kodi Build Now Available To Download

Don’t think this still works for up to date builds click HERE

My first Kodi community build Purple Haze can now be officially downloaded.


Being my first build I really didn’t really not what way I wanted to go, all I knew was that I wanted to create a Kodi build that everyone would want to use.

Purple is one of those colors that gives you a dark but soft feel and Aeon MQ6 skin had just dropped so I thought why not incorporate the both and see what turns out.


I also wanted to create a platform so that users who wish to use Purple Haze can build upon it or take away any elements that they wished to.


I must say it really was fun making Purple Haze and I beg users to give it a go themselves, it really is easy once you watched and researched what to do.


Overall in man hours of work, it took just over 3 hours from start to finish. I hope it will serve some users a purpose on their device. I’m not sure I will be carrying on with any new builds but you never know.

Purple Haze was designed for the use on OpenELEC but will work on other operating systems.

You can download Purple Haze today from HERE as a .tar file.

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