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RetroMania Build (Review + How to Install Guide) on Kodi

How to install Retromania on kodi

How to Install RetroMania Build on Kodi

How do you describe a build that really has nothing else like it? Renowned in the community as the ‘gaming build’, RetroMania was created in 2015 and has been updated every week since then. Over time the build has evolved dramatically, as has the support function and simplicity of getting it all up and running. Although well known for its gaming, there’s at least more to RetroMania that that. The team have even developed and android app that unlike anything else in Kodi. Their Elite app can backup all your settings, install an updated version  other build and then restore all of your Kodi settings with a  single click! What’s more, you can install the build on Kodi 16/17 or SPMC, without typing a single repo!  Gone are the days of the wizard with this build (although it’s still available at rmkodi.uk/repo for those who wish to use it).

Working closely with the developer of Retroboxtv (the no.1 android emulation app) – users also exclusively receive direct support from their development team in their group, and have even had a say in what they want to have included next! So if you need something fixing, you’re not speaking to a middle man or scouring forums.  You get a 1st class personal service. The build is beautifully designed using a bespoke super favorite’s setup, so if you open movies, you get to choose from all the movies addons that has even been broken down for you into 3D, 4K, Blue Ray, HD etc. This formula is used throughout the build, making it as intuitive as possible to find exactly what you want, all in one place. You can clearly tell that a hell of a lot of work has gone into this, and that it really has been designed from the ground up to make it as simple as it could be for the user. A truly refreshing experience.

Not only has every section been setup to include the specific content from each addon for you, but it also contains bespoke content for every section put together by its developers and the community! That’s right, another truly unique feature exclusive to RetroMania is their member’s playlist feature. We often talk about community builds, but I challenge you to find anything that can live up to that claim like RetroMania can. Users simply create their own playlists in YouTube and submit them to the RetroMania team and they’re then included in the build for the next update! This is evident when you look at the amount of bespoke content That’s only available in this build.

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Gaming wise you can play on Android, Windows or Raspberry pi. There is a separate forum containing all the games and support videos to help you get setup, as well as a fantastic community of 11,000+ members who are always willing to assist. This is a spam free group, no selling, no drama… just a fantastic community spirit.

I would compare this to another build, but it’s only when you’ve tried it that you’ll agree it deserves a league of its own.

RetroMania has to be one of the best builds in Kodi right now.  Including 18 Individual Sections, 35 Retro Gaming Emulators their own Android App along Windows Exe installer, Forum (rmkodi.uk), Kids Build (KiDO), RetroMania Rivals Gaming Competitions and they even do the odd Raffles.

Here’s a few images of the amazing look of the build, most of which you can tailor to your preference using the 20 different main menu themes they provide!

I could go on all day, but the only way you can appreciate this masterpiece is by getting stuck in. Enjoy!

Few images of the build for you honestly it’s amazing on your TV.

gaming elite-app art sports movies

THERE ARE 3 INSTALLATION OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR THE BUILDS * The RetroMania App (Android Only) – https://youtu.be/AENqYE5XCPc * The RetroMania EXE Installer (Windows Only) – Video coming soon * The RetroMania Wizard (Any device) – https://youtu.be/SghAZRLvSaw


RETROMANIA ELITE ANDROID APP This allows easy installation and updating of the build, provides access to a further 12 gaming platforms for free, like the Dreamcast, Saturn and GameCube/Wii (NVidia shield is required for these). The elite retaining your login and never needing a wizard again. See demos below (demos are available below and in the builds tutorials submenus).

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RETROMANIA ELITE WINDOWS (PC) EXE INSTALLER The exe is our pc based installer that will automatically update with the latest build, meaning you just keep that on your pc, close Kodi, open it up and select the newest

version and it will do the rest for you. You can also choose from over 13 emulators to install to Launchbox all from within the exe.


You need to register on our forum, await activation (which can take up to 24 hours). Here you will find a tab called ‘BECOME ELITE’ which provides all the demonstration and installation guides you’ll need to get setup. We do ask for a minimum donation towards elite membership of £5, which is used help support the ongoing development associated with maintaining the Builds, Android App, Exe and Forum (rmkodi.uk). THIS IS A ONE TIME DONATION, NOT A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE.

CHECK OUT OUR REVIEWS FROM EXISTING ELITE MEMBERS http://www.rmkodi.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=85

INSTALLATION GUIDES FOR THE ELITE APP/EXE http://www.rmkodi.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS RetroMania = http://rmkodi.uk/faq.php

WHAT IS RETROBOXTV? This is a pure emulation app that provides 26 gaming platforms in one place, with automatic downloads of the required setup files and 1 time controller mapping. We also have in-house support direct from the app’s developer, something you won’t find anywhere else. You can trial it for free for a week after which I am confident you’ll love it like we do (demos are provided below and in the builds tutorials submenus). After this point to unlock the full features for a lifetimes usage on 6 devices for only $12.99! Link provided below. THIS IS A SINGLE PURCHASE FOR A LIFETIMES USE ON 6 DEVICES. THIS IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. HOW TO UPGRADE TO RETROBOXTV PREMIUM Head over to store.xtvapps.com and use the amazon payment method, unless you’re in Chile in which case you can use the national online banking facility.

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS RetroBoxTV = http://www.retroboxtv.com/docs/ *If retrobox states that you require additional emulator support, install this apk http://xtvapps.com/rbx/ INTEGRATED IPTV IN RETROMANIA IS PROVIDED BY SMASH IPTV – TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE HEAD OVER TO THEIR

GROUP https://m.facebook.com/groups/813369132121931



WHAT IS LUNCHBOX (Not Lunchbox):- Lunchbox is our preferred PC emulation front end which is included with our Elite exe and can also be downloaded from the group files section. This comes with several emulators included for you, so all you have to do is import games and setup your controller. For more detailed guides see the Tutorials section in the build (System Submenu). LAUNCHBOX PATCHES IF YOU HAVE ERRORS WHEN LAUNCHING IT

DIRECT X FIX https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx…

Net Framework Update http://filehippo.com/download_dotnet_framework_4/

FOLLOW RETROMANIA ON SOCIAL MEDIA USING THE FOLLOWING ACCOUNTS RetroMania YouTube http://tinyurl.com/YouTubeRMUK RetroMania Twitter http://tinyurl.com/RMTweets

Are you a gamer or a person who loves cartoons? If so, this build is made for you. @RetroManiaKodi (Twitter): http://twitter.com/RetroManiaKodi

RetroMania: “I created this to be able to share the great games I enjoyed in my youth with my son. As soon as I realised what I’d created, I wanted to share it. It seems I’m not the only one who’d had that wish. Enjoy ;)”


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