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Royalist Premium Build with working IPTV, Movies, TV Shows on ANY device!


Created by Tech Timeruuu, the Royalist Premium is more like a Christmas gift for everyone! Very clean skin (based on Zephyr), Free IPTV Stalker and Dexter TV Sports without login, Customized iVue TV Guide, a great Movies and TV Shows section is the perfect build for an entertainment system!

To stay in touch with the most recent updates, be sure to check TT Royalist Facebook Group so you will know when to update the build: Royalist Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/royalistbuild/

Install instructions:

  1. Select from the submenu under SYSTEM, FILE MANAGER
  2. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  3. Enter http://spartanpixel.net/Royalist_p/ or http://spartampixel.net/repo and click DONE
  4. Click on OK
  5. Go to HOME and select SYSTEM
  6. Select ADDONS
  8. Select the red icon labeled Royalist_p
  9. Select Wizard.zip
  10. Once it is installed go to HOME
  12. Select Royalist Premium
  13. Select Royalist Premium and wait for it to download and extract
  14. When finished click on OK and unplug the external device from power or click YES, FORCE CLOSE if on windows.
  15. Restart KODI and have fun with your new BUILD!
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