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How To Install Ruya IPTV On Kodi

Install Ruya IPTV On Kodi

How To Install Ruya IPTV On Kodi

RUYA IPTV a subscription based add-on that offers a SUPERB IPTV service that is reliable and of a consistent high quality.

Ruya IPTV has 11 different packages available as seen in screen shot below.

Kodi 29_10_2015 15_30_56

Since i have been testing Ruya i have had no issues what so ever, streams load immediately and the quality of the streams varies from standard definition to high definition.

The list of channels is endless with 232 channels on the UK package alone, and 24 on the USA package. Below are screen shots of the different channels in each package.

ruya greek ruya pot Ruya spanish ruya sports Ruya Uk Ruya us

Impressively if there are any Kodi users from the Balkan states (Serbian, Croatian, Albanian and Slovenian) then there are a grand total of 155 channels you can choose from, a selection of which you can find below:

Kodi 30_10_2015 17_02_16 Kodi 30_10_2015 17_02_25 Kodi 30_10_2015 17_02_33Kodi 30_10_2015 17_06_33

All channels listed in Blue are in HD.

Once a package is selected you will have several different sub categories to choose from.

Kodi 30_10_2015 13_04_57

I have predominantly been checking out the UK package for obvious reasons however whenever I have ventured further a field I have not been disappointed. Each and every channel loaded instantly with no dead links what so ever the UK package was exactly the same.

The UK package has all the channels you could wish for including Terrestial TV channels from the BBC or RTE 1 & 2. Sky movies and Sky sports. Documentary channels such as History and Discovery are also included.

Lets check out some channels.

Sky Sports 

Kodi 29_10_2015 17_19_00 Kodi 29_10_2015 17_22_58

Both in either 720 or 1080. Watching the Football League show was a pleasure in HD with no interruptions.

Kodi 29_10_2015 19_48_00

BT Sport

Kodi 29_10_2015 17_25_35



Kodi 29_10_2015 17_38_28 Gold

Kodi 29_10_2015 17_31_10


Sky Movies Premiere

Kodi 29_10_2015 17_34_25

Movies 4 Men

Kodi 29_10_2015 17_34_59

Now lets take a look at some of the other packages.


Kodi 29_10_2015 17_48_00

Italian – RAI 4

Kodi 29_10_2015 17_47_30


Kodi 29_10_2015 17_46_53

Spanish – Canal

Kodi 29_10_2015 17_42_48

Serbian – Arena Sport 2

Kodi 30_10_2015 17_19_56

Ruya IPTV also has some great Video on Demand content. They cover Movies and TV Shows with some great content.

Movies on demand:

Kodi 30_10_2015 12_44_29

TV on Demand:

Kodi 30_10_2015 12_45_01

Prices are competitive with other subscription based IPTV add-ons, with varying lengths of membership ranging from 1 month to a year. Should you wish to take up subscription to this service or ask any questions then you can contact them below on:

Twitter: here

Facebook: here

Once you have subscribed you will be given the download link, once downloaded follow the guide below to install.

Step 1. Select System


Step 2. Select Add-ons.


Step 3. Select Install from Zip.


Step 4. Locate where you downloaded the zip file and select.

Kodi 30_10_2015 12_04_26

Wait for add-on enabled notification.

Kodi 30_10_2015 12_05_07

Step 5. Once installed return to Home Screen select Video and locate Ruya IPTV then click on C on your keyboard or the Menu button and then select Add-on Settings.

Kodi 30_10_2015 12_51_50

Step 6. Now input the Server name, User name, and password supplied by Ruya IPTV.

Kodi 30_10_2015 12_52_02

Then select OK.

Step 7.  Return to Home screen select Video and Ruya IPTV and sit back and enjoy some great live TV. You will not be dissappointed.

If  are going to use this service we would recommend using a VPN please click HERE

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  1. Very bad our better fake, for me I think is better for a quality and dignity of Kodi Community to deleted this addon. Especially for the most common of customers. Please take this comment serious, Thank you

  2. Hi Thomas id hold onto your money to be honest. I signed up in December and lots of buffering and freezing at present, lots of users having problems if you look on the facebook page.

  3. I bought a monthly sub, and while they have a lot of options I’ve had buffering issues even with SD content. Even more, during big games you get a lot of buffering, I’m still looking for a better option.

  4. Seems to be a few people claiming to be the Ruya people but really just reselling their own login details.

    Ruya need to establish a clear “Official” page on Facebook and Twitter if they are not going to have their own site.

    1. Question is which is the official site as I have also come across a few sites that exactly the same so who is who and which ones are real…

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