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I have to admit I am one of those Kodi users that is always on the lookout for the latest addons to add to my 50plus Movies/TV/Sports I’ve already installed and honestly – I rarely use more than 6 or 7! The best advice to give to anyone new to Kodi is shop around, read up on what’s out there – and most importantly – try them out yourself. Everyone wants different things from addons and everyone is using different systems, with differing internet capabilities. If something works great for you then STICK WITH IT!

With that in mind here are my Top 5 most reliable, good quality and all round best addons


  1. Exodus (Lambda repo)

This was the absolute Daddy as far as all my Movies and TV series was concerned. With an abundance of content, it is almost impossible not to find what you are looking for, and mostly the streams are stable. You can even set it to find the best stream for you to save trawling through the sometimes hundreds available. *NB – Exodus has taken over Genesis for you older users and is just as brilliant Lambda who develops this addon has done a cracking job.


  1. MorePower (MuckyDucks repo)

Not the biggest selection of Movies to be found here, but what they lack in quantity, they more than make up for in quality. One for the film buffs this one – almost all their content is 720P/1080P and comes with 5.1 Surround Sound. Never fails to impress.


  1. UK Turks (MetalKettle repo)

UK Turks has always been great for Live Football, with a massive Sport section, showing channels from all over the globe – you are pretty much guaranteed that if it’s being shown somewhere, it’s being streamed here. Add to that the other 11 sections (12 if you include the hidden XXX section) and you’re covered for Live TV, Radio and loads more. Check this one out.


  1. SALTS (tkNorris Release repo)

Where Genesis has left off Stream All The Sources (SALTS) has picked up. Slightly let down by the lack of a Favourites section as in Genesis and the overall feel isn’t quite as slick, however the content library is fantastic and the stable streams are almost always reliable. A brilliant all rounder and you are sure to find what you are looking for here. As with Genesis you can also set SALTS to Auto View which will pick out the best stream available saving you the effort!


  1. Phoenix (TVAddons repo)

So to my current number one. The go-to addon of choice for Live TV, Sport, Movies – even NHL Hockey! Phoenix is a collective of many developers who together have got all the bases covered. The 3pm Live Football is available through Phoenix TV; hundreds of Live Channels from around the World with Crusader; Her Place for all the content er indoors could want; One242415 has it all – comedy, documentaries, films, concerts; Rockcrusher for loads of HD Movies and more; Staael2014 and TNPB provide more of the same and there’s a dedicated NHL feed. Phoenix really is the only addon you’ll ever need.

So have a browse, test them for yourself. I guarantee one thing – you won’t be disappointed!

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