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How To Install StreamTVBox On Kodi

Install StreamTVBox On Kodi

How To Install StreamTVBox On Kodi

The following is based on my own personal experiences and is entirely my opinion. Lots of other alternatives to the service describe exist.

One of the main reasons I started to use Kodi was to find ways to stream football and other sporting events. For years I turned to wiziwig and various streaming websites offering poor quality flash streams just to get my weekly football fix. Fast forward to 2016 and football streaming is no longer a tedious task of trawling through websites riddled with pop-ups – these days it’s just a case of finding decent add-ons on Kodi.

There are plenty of free add-ons which offer great links to all sorts of channels, some of which are in HD. But what happens when you want a more reliable source? If you want a bit more security and reliability, then look no further than StreamTVBox.

StreamTVBox is best known as the sister site to OffsideStreams, but these days has a number of distinguishing features that make it the service I recommend. It has hundreds of 24/7 channels, ranging from HD sports channels (including the all important Sky Sports HD channels) to entertainment channels such as Sky One and Comedy Central. To get anywhere close to the volume of channels through a $ky package and you’re paying upwards of £60 per month. Choosing STVB is a no brainer, then?

STVB can cover you for the all important 3 O’clock kick offs, meaning the football fans among us have a reliable place to go at the weekend. The site has its own dedicated support chatroom filled with users who are always willing to help, and channels from around the globe including Fox Sports, CTH Stadium and loads more. In addition, Premier League Pass is available in the add-on which offer great quality streams with virtually no buffering. Streams are available both through the website and through Kodi, meaning it is available on virtually any device.

If you are considering using this we recommend you use a VPN please click HERE

Screenshot really doesn’t do the quality justice

Payment is flexible, with options ranging from 2 days’ access to an entire year, completely non-contractual. Prices are competitive and the service offers extremely good value. Payment is secure using a 3D payment gateway that all online shoppers are familiar with, so rest assured that payment details are sent securely.

For anyone looking for a reliable source for streaming, StreamTVBox is probably the best on the market. Pair this with dedicated support and an add-on which is constantly updated make it the frontrunner for all Kodi tinkerers and users alike.

If you plan on using this service we would recommend using a VPN click HERE

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  1. i have used stvb and offsidestreams and they might be cheap but they are far from perfect, nearly always buffering or the streams just disappear, especially on the EPL matchdays. the chatline is helpful but they get pissed off if you dare to criticise their sites. and last but not least they always try and rip you off for an extra payment when you cancel.

  2. I have used (1 days) streamtvbox and many others and to be fair they have he content but nothing more than you would get off a £30 IPTV package you would get from eBay. I recently got sent a link for dreamstreams,net. they give you a free 3 day trial and its the best i have seen. its like using your own Tv the way you access the channel’s and the quality is spot on. the only bummer is that they only take bitcoin for the subs so you have to buy them before you pay.


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