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How To Install The Beast Encore on Kodi

How To Install The Beast Encore

How To Install The Beast Encore

There are 4 main versions of The Beast. The standard one is the most complete but also a bit heavy so if you are on an a device that struggles, the Encore is best for you! The Beast Encore has just been updated into version 2 with the latest goodies and is fast… fast as hell!

Follow our tutorial below you’ll be able to install the Beast Build different versions like Beast, Beast Encore, Spartan, Royalist & the Beast Kids Build. These instructions are for all their builds so might be worth adding if you want to try them all out and see what one is best for you. If you are using an amazon firestick then beast encore is best for you as nice light and very responsive build for amazon firesticks. It will also work fine on amazon fire tv or other devices.

Install The Beast Encore Kodi:

If you are from neither of those countries choose the closest scroll down until you see this image


Add a username, email address (you can use false email as they don’t need proper verification) & password and then click Register

Once registration notification appears “Thank you for registering with us. Please log in to continue.” select log in

Go down to the bottom for the login box this is when you enter the email & password you used in the first step and click Log in.

On the next screen you should see your username and email. If they are correct click on Verify Here

If you get a message saying your address has now been verified you can now move on to installing the build

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Select SYSTEM > File Manager
  3. Select Add Source
  4. Select None
  5. Type the following EXACTLY http://thebeast1.com/repo/ (if you are a UK user) or http://thebeast2.com/repo/ (if you are a US user) and select Done
  6. Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type beast & Select OK
  7. Go back to your Home Screen
  8. Select SYSTEM
  9. Select Add-Ons
  10. Select Install from zip file
  11. Select beast
  12. Select plugin.video.beast.zip
  13. Wait for Wizard enabled notification on your screen
  14. Go back to your Home Screen
  15. Select PROGRAMS
  16. Highlight – DO NOT SELECT – The Beast Wizard
  17. Now open the Context Menu (C on your keyboard, right click with a mouse, long press on touch screen devices or Menu button on your remote) and select Add-on settings
  18. Add the Email and Password you created at the beginning of the guide and select OK
  19. Select The Beast Wizard
  20. Select the build you wish to install from this wizard if encore as example select that.
  21. The Beast will now start to download
  22. After the download completes the build will extract
  23. After extraction if you are on an Android/Amazon firestick or Amazon  tv device unplug and plug back in and the Beast will be installed and ready to use. If on any other type of device select OK
  24. Select OK again
  25. Your device will now close Kodi. Upon restart The Beast will be installed and ready to use

The beast encore is not installed on your device.

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  1. In Programs when I select ChrisB Encore V.2 I get the message: ChrisB Wizard error, check the log for more information. I have tried this 4 times, cleared the cache, etc, but same error message.???

    1. This is because your ISP account has Web-Safe protection automatically enabled. This is the filter that prevents browsing of porn and hate web sites. It also causes a problem with The Beast installation. Go into your isp account and disable it. Installation will then work.

  2. None of this works, I keep getting the same message every time.” _____ Wizard Error check log for more info”

    I’ve uninstalled Kodi 3 times now, used fresh start, created add on Zip files, used alternative links. Nothing works, it won’t download.

  3. I tried downloading chrisbwizard.uk/repo but error message is: couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?. Where else can I get encore build?

      1. Dinitrology Please help us? We desperately need to get the chrisbwizard.UK/repo working again? The beast premium encore v2 is the best fastest working build out there. It dosent see it when you try and add it to addons?

  4. what happen to chrisbwizard.uk/repo it was the only one with USA headliner under encore v.2 premium please help the encore v.2 doesn’t have the USA under chrisbwizard.pcriot.com/kodi just encore v.2

    1. I’m in the same situation. It was all perfectly working fine for me and still is on all my tablets. I was playing around with builds on my fire tv and boom I can’t load premium encore v2 which was the only working build for me.

  5. Got the beast loaded onto my firestick, but seem to have now lost the ability to stop a video that’s playing, I can pause, fast forward and rewind, but unable to stop stream with closing kodi, any ideas?

  6. Program works fine but the movies don’t match the title. Sequels are the original version or a totally different movie comes on.

  7. Installed kodi on pc tried to install beast get to install from zip file.then said click on sip file wizard but can’t find it ?

  8. In your directions above, I couldn’t get to the one on REPO as per below.
    Click on REPO and change it into ChrisB Wizard, then select DONE and OK
    Can you please advise? Thanks in advance.

  9. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing nothing works when I use spartanpixel says sign in to spartanpixel then when I use chris b kodi says error with log ??? Plz help

  10. Hello, thank you for your hard work!
    Um, when I get to step 10. I click on install from zip file and I click on the red chrisb wizard, then there is an option that says install this wizard.zip. when i do that it installs Spartan wizard update. But there is no chrisb wizard listed there. Do I need a newer version of kodi?

  11. loaded Beast onto Fire TV just fine but anything I try to watch say “movies123” or Phoenix or what ever other add on I am trying to watch error, please ck log?? What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

  12. I have Beast V2 and haven’t had it for long. I just switched it on and and a series of messages kept popping up with Yes or No answers to click. The messages didn’t actually say anything except the title of each folder which sits beneath the “movies”, “TV series” etc. sections – I assumed they were updates so I selected yes to all of them, and now there are no items in any of those menus! It just says “Playlist”. Any ideas what I’ve done or how to fix it? I didn’t create the build, I bought it this way. Thanks

    1. Hello,
      what has happened is that you have disabled all the plugins, it would have told you that the pluin is not responding or somthing and would have asked you if you want to disable it and you have said yes to all of them, you need to start from scratch and load evrything from new then when it ask’s you the same thing say NO and let them update and all will work as well as it can but dont expect it to all run with no problems as its full of problems where you have to pay to fix them.
      Hope this helps.

  13. how do i get Kodi 16.0 onto the firestick, I’m trying it though ADBfire but it will not let me select the Kodi programme to upload, I’m using a mac.??

  14. Ok i’ve downloaded ares wizard. But when i install beast 16.0 i go into kodi its still the standard kodi skin ?? tried installing and uninstall but no joy. getting frustrated now. This is on my amazon fire stick……went through the same process on my amazon fire tv box and works perfectly. Has anyone come across this problem ?

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