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The Best Sport Addons For Kodi

Best Sports Addons for Kodi

The Best Sports Addons For Kodi 2018


There are many best sports addons for Kodi which features access to sporting events from around the world. With any live stream you may have to find another source due to viewer traffic, so it is always a good idea to have many options to choose from. There are streams ranging in quality from SD to HD. You can live stream sports, replays, classic games, documentaries, sports news, and Pay Per Views.  These addons do not require a subscription. Explore and enjoy all the following addons and the best sports addons available.


We have had many Kodi users contacting us regarding problems, we have told them to try using a VPN. After they installed our choice of VPN IPVanish they had better success. Having used many addons over the years we know problems do happen. Sometimes problems are down to device not maintained but also some times its addon issues. But we have certainly found recently if you are having issues using addons we would highly recommend using a VPN. Scroll down to the bottom of the article and click on IPVanish link try it for 7 days if it doesn’t improve ca, its as simple as that.

List of Best Sports Addons for Kodi 2018

There are in no particular order and if we have missed you out it wasn’t intentional drop us a message and we will happily add you.

Dc Sports

This is a wonderful addon with the main focus on Football. It has 4 sections to choose from:

  1. Favorites
  2. Live UK Sports Channels
  3. DC Picks & PPV Events
  4. Celtic On Demand

There are many live sports channels, Documentaries, Short Clips/Highlights, Match Replays, and more! If you find channels that you like, you can add them to your Favorites Folder within the addon itself.   Requires Sports Devil Addon.

Celtic FC

This addon is for the avid football fan! It has 10 sections available: Replays, Classic Games, Football News/ Sports Updates, Podcasts, Celtic FC YouTube clips, The Green Brigade, Highlights, Documentaries.  There are numerous Live Sports Channels to watch the big game on! If you find channels you like, you can put them in Favorites folder within the addon itself.


 Bob Sports has 8 sections to choose from. All of the sections in this addon have live channels except for Full Throttle and Sports Replays. Within this addon a sports enthusiast would be able to catch a variety of games and live events from both North America and Europe.

  1. Acestreams (Needs Plexus Addon in order to run this, a VPN is recommended)
  2. Between The Pipes (NHL) (live stream)
  3. Full Throttle (Auto Racing)
  4. Home Plate (MLB)
  5. Pigskin (NFL)
  6. Sports Replays
  7. The Main Event
  8. 24/7 (Over 20 live channels)
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Sports Devil and Castaway

These two addons are very similar; however, they have different authors. Live Sports and Sports TV has a large variety of subsections within each addon. I found that there is an assortment of mainstream live sports and replays to choose from including; football (soccer), racing, NFL football, boxing, and Cricket. Sports Devil and Castaway are GIANTS in sports addons! Castaway has a clear live resolver cache in the Tools section.


WWE On Demand

This is the total package for wrestling sports entertainment! There are 17 sections within this addon to choose from.  Live shows, Pay Per View’s, documentaries, wrestling archives, WCW, ECW, and classic matches are just the tip of the ice burg in this addon.  This is a well-supported addon and highly recommended for the avid wrestling fan.


UFC Finest

MMA fans will enjoy this addon with 16 categories to choose from.  great select including, replays of previous matches, Bellator MMA, Documentaries, a retro section and movies featuring UFC fighters.


Made In Canada

An amazing addon geared towards North American sports.  Within this addon you will find live games from the NBA, NHL, Minor Hockey League, and the National Lacrosse League.

Will require F4m tester addon ( Shani’s repo )


Pro Sport

Pro Sport features North America’s top 4 major league sports. This addon provides live HD streams of NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB games. The archives section lists NBA, NFL, and NHL games.



Mobdro has over 100 channels to choose from with all of the biggest names in sports broad casting. Worldwide, Live games, Pay per View’s, and sporting news. The choices are endless for viewing live sports stream.

Adrian Sports

This addon has 4 sections:

  1. Live Matchday
  2. Live Events
  3. Matchday Backup
  4. 24/7 Sports

This is an excellent source for Sport, there is an excellent variety of other sporting events.  In the 24/7 section, you will find all of your live channel links to many of the big name sports broadcasters.

This will require the installation of the Live Stream Pro Addon (from Shani’s repo) and the Plexus addon in order to use Acestreams. A VPN is recommended.


UK Turks

One of the most trusted names on Kodi! UK Turks has over 100 various live sports channels to choose from.

This will require the installation of Sports Devil. Acestream channels will require the Plexus addon. A VPN is recommended.



There are 7 sections of various sports, all of which have links to live streaming channels.

  1. Soccer World
  2. Wrestling
  3. UFC
  4. Snooker
  5. Acestream Live Schedule
  6. Sports Scrappers

This will require the Plexus addon installation in order to run Acestreams. A VPN is recommended.



This is an incredible addon with plenty of content.  Other addons are inside of this addon as well! Sanctuary contains a live TV section which includes:

  • Oblivion IPTV
  • Pyramid Live
  • Ultra Live
  • Fido Live
  • Lily Sports Live
  • Supremacy Live
  • Tigens World
  • Project D
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Each section in the above listed has sports content, access to special events, replay’s, and video on demand. A must have for any sports fan!

This will require the F4M Tester and Sports Devil addons.


Sports Angel

This addon offers 4 live sports sections, each with many sports content. Watch all of Europe’s best sports, some North American sports, and a PPV section. This is a nice addition for any sports enthusiast!

The Players Klub

A hot new addon featuring live TV sports channels from the USA, Canada, and Latino/Spanish TV.  The addon showcases North America’s top 4 sports

  1. MLB
  2. NHL Center Ice
  3. NFL Sunday Ticket
  4. NBA League

This is a great addon for all entertainment!

Auto Mania and Motor Replays

These are 2 great addons by different authors. If you are a racing fan, these are the addons for you! Auto Mania has 32 sections, with a wide variety of car, truck, lawnmower, RC racing, news clips, full length custom car videos and more! Motor Replays has 47 sections to choose from. There is a live motor sports section, many racing replays, Formula 1, NASCAR, Superbikes, and Documentaries. Start your engines; this is a racing fans dream addon!

Halow TV

Halow TV is an addon that give you access to live TV channels from all around the world. At a glance, Match Day and the Live Sports section offer live links to all kind of games. All the big names in sports broadcasting can be found here. Halow TV has a Sports Replay section highlighting Football. Check it out!


NBA Full Games and NBA on Demand

These are 2 great addons with different authors. NBA Full Games, the name says it all! You can watch any NBA game live, including; highlights, and plays of the day.   NBA on Demand has 4 sections filled with full length games and highlights. These 2 addons are a slam dunk for the basketball fan!

Our Sports

This addon offers many live UK sports channels. Our Sports has its own favorites section where you can add your favorite channels to one place. This will give you a one click option to finding all your favorite channels all in one place.

Our Sports addon requires Sports Devil and F4M Tester addons.


Bulldog Streams

There are many sections with subsections focused on live sports channels, replays, game highlights, and sports on demand. A wide variety of sports can be found here for any fan.


MoneySports has 6 sections:

  1. Live Sports Links
  2. Latest Football Highlights
  3. Recent Full Games Highlights
  4. Goals Goals and More Goals
  5. Old Football Match’s Archive
  6. Greatest Sporting Moments

Aside from Football, there are live channel links to an assortment of other sports as well.

Sports Devil addon required for the Live TV Channels.

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Live Premiership

This addon has four sections:

  1. Search Live Premiership
  2. Sports Channels
  3. Live Matches
  4. Global Live Sports

This addons main focus is Football but could end up pushing more sports.  However, there are multiple channels of different sports, for any fan to enjoy.



Find My Game add-on or FMG for short, comes courtesy of the Echo Repo which has moved to TVAddons. Find my game searches a big selection of add-ons within your repository list. It has a great select of live sports for kodi you will need f4m tester and sports devil installed. If you haven’t tried this addon get it installed you are missing out for sure.

Motor Replays

Motor replays Kodi addon has an amazing selection for Kodi users. For a recently newish addon its packed with amazing content. Motor Replays Kodi Addon does exactly what it says on the tin, if you love your Motor Sport you will love this.

1. F1
2. MotoGP
3. Motor Documentaries
4. Super Cars
5. Nascar and plenty more


Vortex Kodi Addon is a recently new Kodi Addon that has been released it has a lot of content ranging from different Motorsport, Bike Races, Special Events and Classic Car section. It has following sections:

1. Crank Worx
2. Special Event recommended to use a VPN as uses Acestream
3. Motorsport
4. Vortex Racing and more

Football Replays

Football replays kodi addon is amazing, if you are Football Fan then this is the addon that you will need Kodi. This Kodi addon allows you to watch all the football replays of the past matches from different leagues, International matches, La Liga and so much more.

Follow Follow

Well if you are a huge Rangers FC fan this is the Kodi addon you want on your device. Follow Follow Kodi addon is ram packed with Rangers history. If you want a trip down memory lane is has sections like 9 in a row, Europe, Scottish Cup, Match Day songs, Old Firm and plenty more. So all you Gers Fans get adding this great Rangers addon.

We would like to send many thanks to the creators and contributors of these fantastic addons, for all of your time and endless effort of work.  You have provided the Kodi community the ultimate enjoyment of sports viewing!

We hope you enjoy this list we feel these are some of the Best Kodi Addons for Sport currently available. We will try and keep our Best Sports Addons for Kodi 17 up to date for you all. Hope you all enjoy there’s a great selection of Kodi best sport addons for you.

Big thanks to Neil Singh for his work on this one @NeilSingh8 thank you bro for you work.

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