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The Most Complete & Most Frequently Updated KODI Build: The Apollo V7! +2 Plex Exclusive Servers!

Not sure this version still works for the latest builds click HERE

With the latest updated of the Apollo v7 he have a unique and very nice new feature: Two exclusive Plex servers already customized for all the users, with no need for registration or settings! A ton on 3D Movies in Full HD / HD quality, Movies & TV shows and one of the biggest music libraries with almost any song/band/artist you may know!
You can get the Apollo v7 from Ares Wizard: http://repo.ares-project.com/magic
or the Apollo Wizard: http://apkb.netne.net/repo/
For support and suggestion, join the Apollo Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/Apollo-Custom-Builds-Support-Page-902976889768944

Install instructions:

  1. Go to SYSTEM and select from the submenu FILE MANAGER
  2. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  3. Enter and click DONE
  4. Select NONE and enter Apollo, click on DONE and then OK
  5. Go to HOME once again and select SYSTEM
  7. Select the red icon label Apollo
  8. Donwload the plugin.program.apollo2.zip
  9. Once the wizard has been downloaded go to HOME
  10. Select Programs
  11. Select Apollo Wizard 2.0
  12. Select Apollo 7
  13. When the wizard has finished extracting the files, force close KODI by unplugging your power cable. Wait some secs and plug it back. Open KODI and…
  14. BOOM SHAKALAKA! you have successfully installed the Apollo v7 build on KODI!


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