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The New Beast Encore KODI Build 2016 by ChrisB, Review and how to install!

The Beast Build Kodi

The New Beast Encore KODI

Not sure this version is working but we have a new install guide for the beast builds kodi please click HERE

The Beast Build Kodi are also available from Echo Wizards community build section click HERE to install that way.

This is the latest version of the Beast Encore by ChrisB, the 2016 version based on the Hybrid skin with all the goodies that the guru selected and mixed for an awesome, small sized & light-weight build that can be installed on any device, from a Firestick to a high end super desktop computer!
This is a family build, with the best addons for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports, Kids and more in an small sized file which extracted on your device is only 260-270Mb!

Install The Beast Build Kodi:

  1. Visit http://thebeastkodi.com/ and select Wizard from the menu
  2. Register for a free account
  3. When logged in, select verify and then login once again
  4. You will get the message that your account is now verified
  5. Go back to KODI and select from the submenu under SYSTEM, FILE MANAGER
  6. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  7. Enter http://spartanpixel.net/beast and click DONE
  8. Leave beast as a name and click on OK
  9. Go to HOME and select SYSTEM
  10. Select ADDONS
  12. Select the red icon labeled beast
  13. Select the Download_this_wizard.zip
  14. Once it is installed go to HOME
  16. Press ‘C’ from your keyboard or right click and select settings over The Beast Wizard entry
  17. Enter your email & password
  18. Click on OK and then
  19. Select The Beast Wizard
  20. Select The Beast Build you prefer from thelist
  21. Wait for the wizard to download and extract the build
  22. When finished click on OK and unplug the external device from power or click OK, FORCE CLOSE if on Windows, Linux, OpenELEC or OS X.
  23. Restart KODI and have fun with your new BUILD!
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  1. So I followed the instructions. I am installing on a firestick. After install and while in the ares add on it will not let me access any of the menu boxes on the top. Any idea why?

  2. When I enter the Add Files address it tells me it’s unable to connect – Couldn’t retrieve directory information. I checked several times and the web address is entered correctly.

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