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The start of something amazing

Being a relative newcomer to Kodi I thought it might be of interest to some to share my experiences, so where better than the Kodi Community – after all, the whole point of the Community is to swap ideas and what works/doesn’t work for the benefit of all – right?

So this is the first of what will hopefully be many, I am not an expert but I am certainly an enthusiast and you might find that some of this helps you in some small way. Let’s hope so…

I began my Kodi journey with the decision to jailbreak my Apple TV2 and several YouTube tutorials later I had Helix 14.0 up and ready to go. I used Fusion to get my basics set up and was immediately amazed by Genesis – the slick presentation style and layout was exactly what I needed as a newcomer and it quickly became the go-to addon for all my TV and Movies.
Next on my list was live football, and Sportsdevil was the place to be on Saturday at 3pm. Any game (within reason) that the discerning footie fan could want could be found. Some of the streams were a little pixelated but hey, what do you expect?! Most of these games aren’t on TV in the UK so it’s a small price to pay in my opinion.

That’s the key thing I think with the whole Kodi experience – KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS IN CHECK – it isn’t the full £100 per month Sky package and it never will be. (In some ways it’s actually better!) But don’t expect to watch the latest blockbuster movie in 4K with 5.1 Surround Sound weeks before it’s even in the cinema! As long you appreciate that streams will go down at times, and addons are managed by real people who have lives and therefore will be offline from time to time then Kodi is amazing, and will certainly save you £££. Use it as it is intended and you won’t go far wrong.

I quickly realised that Apple TV wasn’t going to keep up as I continued on my Kodi journey and so I shopped around for a suitable alternative that wasn’t going to break the bank. Enter Amazon Fire TV Stick – and my experiences were just about to start…

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  1. Well said pal. And a big welcome to Kodi community, says me thats only on here two days. Regarding the blog i’d recommend trying to use more pictures, click on add media top left when writing blog. and especially have a featured pic for the top of your blog, you can still edit it now. you probably now all this already and your thinkin shut up. But i’m just trying to help. I’m just working on my second blog. See you on here or twitter, im @Aleighty80

    1. Cheers buddy – I didn’t know how to put pics etc on the blog so I’ll have a play around with it for my next one. I was just buzzing to get started! Ta for the feedback

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