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How To Install ON-Tapp on Kodi

How To Install ON-Tapp on Kodi

How To Install ON-Tapp on Kodi

With the scene on ‘cutting the cord’ and switching to IPTV on Kodi devices becoming ever more popular, there is a huge demand for a add-on/tool that can integrate not just your movie and TV show add-ons but also add-ons you use to watch IPTV.

Now while there are EPG guides like the awesome iVue and Renegades which are free, there is also a paid version of a EPG guide called OnTapp.tv….but this isn’t just any ordinary EPG guide…



OnTapp.tv is what I like to call a ‘home hub’ for everything you need for a excellent Kodi experience. As you can see from the screenshot above it’s sharp, clean and clutter-less look really looks awesome. So let’s get down to diving inside this phenomenal Kodi addon…..

For those of you that already use OnTapps service you’ll see that there are more icons on the home-page than normal so let’s talk about this first. OnTapp allows you to add more add-ons to your set-up within this add-on, so you can see I have Mega Search, Vodlocker on the image above that are not normally there.

To Install ON-Tapp on Kodi


You can see now that there is a ‘Add more..’ tab which comes in really handy and is very easy to use.


This may not be one of the most important features with OnTapp but I personally love it as it makes my life easier. I guess we better delve into the EPG TV Guide that OnTapp is renown for…

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One selected it will now start to populate the guide for you….


As you can see the EPG list is now populated and had all channels and picons listed.


Just press play….


On-Tapp.TV DOES NOT stream live TV itself. It links to and triggers other video add-ons that do if your wondering.

A little cool which I also love with the TV guide is the mini guide, simply press ‘c’ or ‘menu’ on your remote and you’ll get this little guy pop-up.

a aa

If your wondering about listings, It’s just not the UK that is covered, there are a while host of countries that are supported on OnTapp.


So your probably wondering how to link add-ons to OnTapp to view live TV? Well, OnTapp have made this very easy to do, highlight a channel and press ‘c’ or ‘menu’ on your keyboard and you get a category list at the top of the guide, scroll to choose stream.


Tab across to Addons, then tab down and choose the add-on you want to use, press save and your done. Pretty simple right?


We could talk all day about how awesome OnTapp.tv is, it’s just not a EPG TV guide, it’s so much more that this, if your looking for a ‘home-hub’ to go on Kodi where you have everything in one place then I really can’t see why your not using OnTapp.tv.

To subscribe to OnTapp.tv it costs as little as $0.66c per week!!!


OnTapp are currently doing 7 days FREE trail which I highly recommend you signing up to to get the experience of just how good OnTapp.tv really is.

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OnTapp.tv are always bring new features and improving their service for the community, to keep up to date with what is going on in and around OnTapp.tv please follow there twitter account here and follow there forum here.

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