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So I’ve been checking out and using on a regular bases the Wetek Play device, this device caught my attention earlier in the year and I was waiting for some of the big hitters in the UK to grab and promote this device as I thought this has seriously potential, but no….I hadn’t seen any top media box sellers push this device and I thought it was down to spec factors, but then I checked it out and that could’t be the case as it’s ranked very high……so it was time for me to get chatting with the Appnettv team and get them to check it out themselves as I thought it was a device that could change the way we stream in many ways.

The Wetek Play is a dual booting device that can run on various operating systems and boy do they run smooth!


Below is my video on what I’m currently using it for….even though I’ve had this for a couple of months I’m still learning new things and creating new things with this device and that what makes me realise that this just isn’t any old media box, it has serious potential and I’ve only probably scratched the surface. I’ve even got some ideas that could potentially make the experience even better…if that’s possible.

This is the first device I’ve come across that you can use it for multiple operating systems (dual booting) with complete ease and works like a charm, the added bonuses of dual tuners make it even more awesome, I guess we all dreamed of a device like this years ago…..and it seems that it’s here.


Thank you for taking your time in watching my full review on the Wetek Play, I know it was long but i hope I touched on some cool things that is possible with this device. I think there is so much more it can do and with Appnettv behind them, the Wetek Play will be a household name in no time.

Visit www.Appnettv.co.uk to view all different Wetek Play device bundles you can buy along with the full range of accessories for the device along with any questions you may have regarding this device or if your in two minds on what one suits your needs.

You can also follow Appnettv on twitter HERE.

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