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Top 30 Kodi Addons for May 2018

Top 30 Kodi Addons for May 2018

Name of Kodi needs no introduction. There are large numbers of add-ons that Kodi users can get benefit from. You can imagine any category and yes, there is an add-on for respective division. If we list down these names that will be a long list of names. We have made it easier for you to get benefit from some of the best Kodi add-ons that are highly admired.

These are all very best add-ons for Kodi in 2018 and all of these are available now for end users. Both brand new and old add-ons are important to consider because there are still some of the previously available add-ons that supersede all other add-ons due to the quality of content they provide.

There are large numbers of people who keep searching for specific Kodi add-on categories to meet their specific needs. You might be one because you are reading our article and we assure you that you won`t need to go anywhere else. Searching and installing Kodi add-ons is not an easy task. Therefore, here is the list of working add-ons for you. So let`s jump into this sea of add-ons and bring out top 30 Kodi add-ons for May 2018.    

Here is the list of Best Kodi Addons for May 2018  

Placenta Kodi Addon

The placenta addon is a great Kodi addon that perfectly meets your needs for TV shows and movies. In total, there are nine categories from which you can choose what to watch. These include tools

  •    Channels
  •    New episodes
  •    New movies
  •    My-TV shows
  •    My movies
  •    TV shows
  •    Movies
  •    Updates

There is also a search tool for browsing through the content available. Integration of placenta is possible with Trakt account with its My-TV shows and my movies options. Tool category offers numerous settings and options for personalization of add-on as per likings of users.

Joshua Kodi Addon

This is relatively new Kodi add-on that offers entertainment from 3 categories namely TV shows, movies and documentaries. There is further sub-division of these categories into sub-heads like now playing, airing today, top rated and popular. It has a robust content with the easiness of menu operating ability. Joshua is a safe Kodi add-on and comes along with categories that are highly rated entertainment categories. If you really want to enjoy your Kodi even more, then get the benefit of divergent categories.  

Predator Kodi Addon

One of the new add-ons for Kodi includes Predator designed by the repository of Android boy. There are many sections to enjoy from. Whether a person is interested in watching TV shows, movies, channels or general search items, Predator has it all. Main sections under Predator are

  •    Tools
  •    Channels
  •    New episodes
  •    New movies
  •    My-TV shows
  •    My movies
  •    TV shows
  •    Movies
  •    Search

Majority of the inside links of Predator allow users to enjoy streaming at 720p and 1080p as well as SD quality

Death Streams Addon

You can call this Death Streams as the fork of notorious SALTS that is a famous streaming add-on. There are links that it scrapes to TV and movies from multiple unofficial streaming websites. It gathers data from those websites and accumulates them all together to ensure convenience of access. Its name is death streams but it has the energy more than any other add-ons that claim to be livelier. For a very exciting and great entertainment scope, do not go here and there and get Death streams today.

Uranus Addon for Kodi

Name of Uranus is famous among every Kodi user. This is mainly due to its great variety of content. There are large numbers of TV shows and movies along with Trakt support that makes it a wonderful choice for all. This is the brand new add-on for Kodi that is introduced by Griffin Repo present at Blamo URL.

If you want to enjoy classy TV shows and movies, download and install Uranus now. When you download and install Uranus the next thing appearing is that of links popping out from the sidebar. Just like many other add-ons, Uranus tries to find one for you that is great to play.


If you want to try new add-ons, METV is probably one for you. It comes from same name repository of METV repository. There is much more content than previous add-ons from this repo. If you get METV as you Kodi add-on, you can enjoy concerts, popular movies, TV shows, new movies, kids sections, horror movies and Box sets Horror. There is a section named now playing that shows the popular shows being the played by the people at that time. You can also check which of the shows will be currently aired.

Digi Box addon for Kodi

Documentary lovers get here to find the best documentaries of all times. This box has best features to make its users enjoy content at their fullest. This great documentary comes with other content types such as movies and TV shows. These shows have the capacity to bring back you repeatedly to watch them and others of the same genre.

There is support for Trakt account as well along with the search category. It is better capable of performing the job nicely. For accessing DIGI BOX, click on the link for installing and downloading it.     

LOKI Kodi Addon

Nothing can beat Loki in the quality of media content it provides. Whether you want to watch a movie or you are interested in watching documentaries, Music, WWE etc. Loki is best. Documentary lovers will find the best documentaries, which you cannot find anywhere else. Kids have their own entertainment source in the form of best shows for kids. Under each category, there are subsections, which in turn contain different types of entertainment.

Soldier 76 Kodi Addon

Do not be a fool with its name as Soldier 76. This strong Kodi add-on comes with movies. You will not feel lost or unnecessary while using this add-on. With many genres from which users can select what they would like to watch, Soldier has it all to make it an all in one movie store.

There are movies categories of drams, sports, animation, cartoons, action, romance, thrill and more. Enjoy watching movies, which are a complete package. Once you use Soldier 76 add-on, you will not prefer any other add-on for movies. Get help for easy downloading and installing Soldier 76.

The Universe

The universe is vast Kodi add-on that is provided by the Galaxy repository. There are various types of movies with other contents available in it. Source of these movies is real Debrid. Its categories include those split into Hindi movies, kids movies, HD movies and latest movies. You can enjoy new movies on the Universe add-on for Kodi users. For a cool collection of movies, get Universe today.

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Genesis Reborn

This fork is a presentation of famous genesis that is not much operative now. However, genesis reborn is an indication of its resuming add-ons for Kodi. It has many similarities with old Exodus/Genesis plugin but there are many updates that work fine. When you download and install Genesis Reborn, you can enjoy movies and TV shows that are categorized into convenient sections. This add-on has many links inside it so these links get you back to its menu from where you can navigate to your desired content.      

Roger addon

If we say that there is a great mix of varying categories in this add-on then it wouldn`t be wrong. It has several different types of categories. These categories include sports, reality, documentaries, IPTV, Kids Zone with many more to mention. Different topics are available, from which you can choose one for you.

If you want real entertainment then do not miss this Roger add-on out. It is quite easy to download and install this add-on. After you have Roger Kodi add-on you can enjoy your desired movies and TV shows easily and quickly.   

Incursion Kodi Addon

An impressive fork as Kodi add-on is Incursion Kodi add-on. It is a presentation of Covenant. It is also linked to Genesis and Exodus that make it among the most popular add-ons that exist.  Incursion is a multi-dimensional add-on that is based on the code base of the old covenant. Due to its multi-source nature, it can search through public internet connections and also retrieves streams.

It then displays results in a streamlined organized format. There are many advantages of its multi-source nature. One of these is its ability to switch websites. When a website stops responding online, this add-on gets data from other sources to manage to pull the required content.  


This collaborative add-on combines Supremacy, Dogs Bollocks, and Maverick TV. Its plugin is new in Kodi add-ons offered by the Maverick TV repo. After downloading and installing Skynet Kodi add-on, you will enjoy content from the following categories:

  •    Live TV
  •    Music
  •    Kids
  •    IPTV
  •    TV shows
  •    24/7 movies

It allows you to watch full HD, 3D & 4K movies. You can also watch TV boxsets of the maverick with many new releases. In fact, it is the coolest add-on over this add-on is great and it has much content for enjoying anytime anywhere.


If you want latest add-ons, you can refer to this Kodi add-on that is a presentation of team supremacy. This add-on is new and comes with many new features. It is a new addition to the world of Kodi add-ons. Its built is on JEN template that is a presentation of Midrael. This amazing and best movie add-on for Kodi users is great and it is worth using add-on.  

Iron Man

Ironman is the famous character with millions of fans worldwide. Ironman is a movie character and this add-on has many movies with multiple playlists is great. When you successfully install Iron man Kodi add-on, you can choose stuff to watch from below divisions:

  •    Trakt popular
  •    Family playlists
  •    Horror playlists
  •    Kids` boxsets
  •    Comedy playlists
  •    Movie boxsets
  •    Action playlists
  •    IMDB top-250
  •    Movie playlists

When you go to the main menu, there you will be able to see real-Debrid login. You can watch this add-on only if you are an adult.

Beats HD

If you want an excellent add-on for Kodi, this is probably the one. It has excellent content for audio content, music videos, concerts and live performances. There are genres of music including rap, techno, house, EDM and more. You can call this add-on as a companion of Alive HD. Beats add-on focuses on music that is created electronically in above-mentioned genres. You can get what type of music you want.     

Jango Kodi add-on

For music lovers, this add-on has it all. You can install Jango via TV AG repository. It has features similar to that of Pandora box where you get access to specific artists or specific kind of music by a simple click. Once you click on the respective song, it starts playing without any troublesome need for buffering. Non-appearance of the commercial is also a perk of using Jango. Commercials are a trouble always. So, use this add-on and enjoy your favorite songs with no waiting.  

Sports 365 Kodi Addon

For enjoying live sports, one must not forget Sports 365. It gets streaming from very famous IPTV website. You can enjoy the best streaming with the best live content view if you have Sports 365 Kodi add-on. Its uniqueness is due to its active captivity of media that is not dependent upon Live resolver, Plexus or Sports Devil and can work independently. Therefore, it is a real-time winner due to its custom built.

This code uses scraper source from 365`s live website. It grabs all of its metadata and content from the main website. However, it cannot control nor have ownership of the channel but this is not an issue because its content is actively supported by the live website. It has a simple interface and it has no folders or playlists inside it. You will see multiple links for each game and there are at maximum 15 links leading to specific games.      

Fight Tube

For those who want to search through many categories and want to have a variety of choices, fight tube is a recommended option. There are sections of Bellator MMA, British boxers, Boxing legends, Behind Gloves, bare Knuckles, Hub TV, Glory boxing, Fight network, IFL TV, UFC on the Fox, wrestling hub, HBO boxing, WWE, World Karate-federation, England boxing, Showtime sports and much more. There is so much to explore and enjoy that once you get inside Fight Club you can hardly think about selecting any other entertainment source.  

Cartoons 8 add-on

Now let`s talk about kids. Kodi users do include kids in the category of its viewers. There are add-ons like cartoons 8 that have made parents carefree. It is a proof that your child is watching good stuff and is not something inappropriate. After having Cartoons 8 add-on you can easily install other add-ons and enjoy streaming of content from multiple sources over other internet websites. It has an organized and neat interface. It is a great appeal to fans of animation movies because of the availability of quality content.   

Brain Drain

A brand new add-on that is developed by Rock crusher repository. It has all the features necessary to make an add-on a worth using add-on. There you will find hundreds of thousands of videos relating to conspiracy theories. Each of these videos will awake your thinking power and make you think and ask the reason for things around. This is itself an addiction that is better for your mental health. The more you use your brain, the more it works and the more it becomes effective.

Fantastic Beasts

Just like its name, it is a fantastic beast. It is beasty because it has documentaries of beasts and other innocents living inside forests, seas and likely places. Source of these videos is YouTube. There are videos of animals belonging to:

  •    Prehistoric monsters
  •    Mythical Beasts
  •    Ocean animals
  •    South-American beasts
  •    European animals
  •    North-American beasts
  •    African beats

If you are an animal lover and want to know more and more about existing and extinguished animals, no other add-on can work it better than Fantastic beats. So, get ready for a fantastic job.

The Kingdom

The continent of Australia is distinct from the World`s other areas and sometimes this seems quite far even more. There is an add-on that will lead you into the real world of Australia. If you want to more and more about Australia and wants to explore new things, get The Kingdom now.

It tells you about people and life in Australia via live streams, movies, TV shows and more. If you want to feel home, this will help you get pure feelings by showing the real Australian details. Aussie culture is famous and you can get an insight of Aussie culture through this the Kingdom Kodi add-on.

Wolfpack add-on

There are many new add-ons introduced by different developers and there is also name o Wolfpack in this list. It is great to mention add-on because it is multi-dimensional. There are categories of

  •    Fitness
  •    Latest movies
  •    Kids` zone
  •    Standup comedy
  •    Music
  •    Wolves Den
  •    Documentaries
  •    3D movies
  •    Sports
  •    Power movies

It is a complete package for every person in the home from kids to adults and olds. It is like a family add-on that has entertainment for all.


How can we forget to mention Polaris? This add-on is put forwarded by Gracie-242 repo. There are contents like animation, music, TV shows, inspirational videos, documentaries, science experiments, TV series, home shows and cartoon shows etc. it has unique content as compared to other add-ons and this feature makes it a worth using add-on. Its update to a higher version is a perk. Follow easy steps and install it now to complete your entertainment dose.  

Rock Cleaner

As its name indicates, it is a solid add-on. It has the power to shake-up entire community with its non-maintenance need nature. It has the best solution in the form of simple to follow maintenance options. Rock crusher developers are proud to present to Kodi users. It provides a quality contribution for management of issues. Looking at the details closely, it is worth trying add-on.


Do not go for its name because this zero is of great importance. Inside this add-on, it hides lots of box sets and movies that will please you. It offers content that is user-friendly and able to satisfy needs of its users for sure. Sub-zero is basically a fighting add-on that is a must-have if you are fight lover. It is a cumulative add-on that needs users to continuously watch it for 4 hours. It is also compatible with shortcut access to mobile devices.  

Radix Kodi Addon

Second last on our list is the Radix add-on offering a complete package for its users. After you have Radix, you can enjoy stuff from categories like

  •    4K movies
  •    TV shows
  •    Documentaries
  •    LIVE TV
  •    Music
  •    Movies and more

It has separate 4K movies section. There is also a search tool, where you can write and find content. It has something, which the whole family can rely on when it comes to entertainment. It is a one add-on army that is essential to download one.  

TVONE Kodi Addon

This is named among best add-ons for Kodi. It is developed by RACC. It allows you to access free stations worldwide. Main country names include Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Greece, Japan, Poland, Netherlands Australia, Germany, Iran, France, Belgium, China, Moldavia, Russia, Romania, Albania, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Canada, US, UK and more. There are categories from different areas mainly including

  •    Kids
  •    Documentaries
  •    Movies
  •    News
  •    Sports  

Important Tip – Always Use a VPN while Using Kodi

These were the Best Kodi Addons for may 2018 selected by Kodicommunity. While you install a Kodi addon and start enjoying its content, you must secure your online presence by using a VPN. We recommend you to use IPVanish – a famous VPN for Kodi addons and other resources. I hope that above Kodi add-ons will impressively fulfill your entertainment needs. Happy Kodi.

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