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How To Install UK Expat Radio On Kodi

Install UK Expat Radio On Kodi

How To Install UK Expat Radio On Kodi

Another great little add-on from developer ColdKeys. This time he has created a Radio add-on with a nice little selection of channels.

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All streams are great quality.

Install Coldkeys Repo Kodi

To get Expat Radio you will need to install Coldkeys Repo which we have a guide below. The Coldkeys repo has a great variety of addons including Expat Radio all of which glean their content from YouTube. Depending on the country you live in some content may be blocked e.g. some of the Classic British comedy may not be available outside the UK, but most should be OK. Its well worth trying as lots of great stuff for your viewing pleasure and always maintained.

Firstly download the ColdKeys Repo zip file and save to a location you can easily access on your Kodi device

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Select SYSTEM
  3. Select Add-Ons
  4. Select Install from zip file
  5. Navigate to where you downloaded the zip in the first step and select repository.coldkeys-1.0.2.zip
  6. Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  7. Select Install from repository or Get Add-Ons on Helix
  8. Select ColdKeys Repo
  9. Select Video Add-Ons
  10. In here you can now choose which of the YouTube add-ons you wish to install. You may want to install them all and give them a try to see which you like

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