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VPN Enabled Routers

VPN Enabled Routers

VPN Enabled Routers

VPN services are becoming more popular with people wanting to access things that are geo blocked or blocked by their ISP.

Whilst looking to upgrade my Wi-Fi router from the standard virgin supplied kit, I came across dd-wrt routers. Now I’d seen these before but never really looked into it, so did some reading up and checked out some reviews.

So what is dd-wrt? It’s custom Linux based firmware that can be installed on a wide variety of Wi-Fi routers. Once flashed with the dd-wrt firmware you can log into your routers settings page via a web browser, through it’s login IP (usually something like for example). Once in the settings there is a section for setting up a VPN on the router so all devices that connect to it are run through the VPN. This may involve adding files downloaded from your VPN provider and setting up the location your IP address will appear to be (in Sweden, Italy or USA for example).

Once setup you can feel safe knowing whether your streaming, downloading, browsing or you just want your privacy, all your devices are covered while running through your router.

There are various options to get a VPN enabled router but you will need to either replace your ISP provided router or enable modem only mode so (this varies and depends on your ISP and what equipment they’ve supplied you with) Wi-Fi is taken care of by your dd-wrt enabled router. You can then either buy a router that’s compatible with dd-wrt and flash the firmware yourself, buy a dd-wrt router which comes ready to set up and add your VPN details to or finally you can order a router that comes with VPN software already set up for your particular VPN. When ordering your router they will give you the option to specify the service you use and it will be sent out pre-configured for you.

Finally some of the newer or higher end routers are now coming with VPN functions in their standard firmware as they recognize the need for VPN’s.

The dd-wrt site http://www.dd-wrt.com has a wealth of information, guides, firmware downloads and also a shop section to buy directly from them. Well worth a look into if you already use, are thinking about getting a VPN or just something to bear in mind if upgrading your router for something better!

(Something I will be doing another blog on soon for the poor souls struggling to run kodi through their archaic ISP wifi routers!)

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