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Wiping & Re-installing OpenELEC on Your HTPC

Wiping & Re-installing OpenELEC

Wiping & Re-installing OpenELEC

Wiping Prometheus

Wiping & Re-installing OpenELEC, this is a quick walk-through on wiping and re-installing OpenELEC on your HTPC.



1 -A blank USB Stick,with at least 250 mb of space

2 – Download a copy of OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-5.0.8.tar

As you can see the above download is a Generic x86_64 bit build.For other devices and builds look here

3 – An extraction program for your PC,I prefer Win-Rar    

4 – A PC/Laptop running one of the following Operating Systems

For USB Installer on Windows Please Click Here WindowsFor MAC OS Click HereMAC OS

For Linux Click Herelinux icon for wipe blogOnce you have finished one of the above methods for building the OpenELEC USB install stick,you are now ready to plug into your HTPC(While powered off).

Now you’ll want to power on your device and enter the Bios to command the device to boot from the USB Stick,so the Openelec install can commence.

To enter the Bios you’ll need to keep tapping one of the following keys on your keyboard as soon as you power on the device.

These are the usual keys for various manufacturers…to enter the bios.

  • F1
  • F2 *
  • F10 **
  • DEL
  • ESC

After successfully booting to the bios ,you now need to instruct it to boot from the USB Stick…instead of the internal HDD.So for this example I’m going to use the boot override option(it is listed under the Save&Exit Tab) in my American Megatrends Bios to instantly boot to the USB install stick by just clicking enter on my USB OpenELEC stick listed as a generic USB under boot override.

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BIOS 19 Save and Exit The other method of instructing your device to boot from the USB Stick is to change the boot priorities in the boot section of the Bios.You want the installer stick at the top(No.1) of the boot order list.When that’s set reboot and the Openelec install process will begin.

boot-usb order

That’s about it for this tutorial..the install will proceed and you’ll be prompted a couple times on screen.Say yes to enable samba shares and SSH.Hopefully I’ve provided enough info to guide you through this.Enjoy

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  1. All worked except during the install of openELEC. It stops. Going back thru the log, it shows some error saying it’s read only. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Greg and sorry for the late reply,I didn’t see your post.Could you please try installing again using a different USB Stick,sometimes USB Sticks don’t
      play nice when making a OpenELEC installation Stick.Hopefully that will sort the issue for you.If that does nothing,you could try checking the main HDD/SSD on your unit.Maybe format the drive again using Gparted.

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